A Designer's Masterpiece Mandarina Duch Green

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As we know there is a boom in the industry of designer through all over the world but in US it's on peak, there are many famous designers joining this industry very quickly and due to this reason, now the designer mobile phones become the affordable deal in the market and not only for the rich and famous personalities.

These days there is a common trend coming to see that the famous designers are very keen to join this industry and in recent times a well known establishment clothing designer Ted Baker came one step ahead with and worked with Samsung Samsung L760 Ted Baker phone Followed by the famous designers like Prada collaboration with LG Electronics and D & G (Dolce & Gabbana) with Motorola to launch the Motorola V3i, D & G gold edition and Now the other famous designer company Made by the two designer handbags and laptop cases finally come to this designer phone industry with three designer color phones inspired by the brightly plumed oriental duck which means the sign of allegiance and happiness. Mandarina Duck establish them perfectly in the market by the hard work of thirty years, continues as self-determining and innovative coming to the market in the field of designer mobile phone with same determination as in leather designing.

Mandarina Duck coming together with Alcatel experienced firms of making leather hand bags and laptop cases going to launch to new designer mobile phones, which helps a lot the designer phone industry to attract more and more customers towards it. Mandarina duck Green phone ready to catch the attention of ladies with its colorful tones, cherry red, green and purple, is made up to some extent casing with rubber material, is capable to turn on the mood of everyone and every time, day or night .

Mandarina Duck Green mobile phone has a astonishing feature especially for ladies that they can customize the graphics and pictures according to their taste which gives the feel good factor to everyone.

Source by Faith Hill